i am happy to announce part 2 of the citadel core variations. the vinyl and digital version will be released on 12th of november this year. you can preview the record via soundcloud: soundcloud.com/x319/citadel-core-variations-part-2 . you can order the vinyl record + immediate digital download here on bandcamp: https://x319.bandcamp.com/…/citadel-core-variations-part-2 . other copies available through shops will also come with a download code.

i present to you my next record: citadel core variations – part 1. you can preview the record via soundcloud: soundcloud.com/x319/citadel-core-variations-part-1 . you can order the vinyl record + immediate digital download via my bandcamp site: https://x319.bandcamp.com/album/citadel-core-variations-part-1 . because of reasons beyond my control i decided to continue the label (formerly know as „tau“) under the new name „t-variant“. t-variant 02 follows tau_01. design and layout by yh.

Ziese invited me for their monthly series at cashmere radio. listen back to the live-show: melancholic and warm blue music from my inner self. from the sacral to the avantgarde, from the drone to rhythmic excursions. please check out the other Ziese episodes aswell, i highly recommend them. Ziese is my favorite radio show and a very important musical influence for me! shout outs to Nils & Junis.

my recent liveset @ Institut für Zukunft has been recorded and uploaded via the party series’ („aequalis“) soundcloud site. shout outs to n.akin.

my track „version cw2“ will be released soon on befriended label „connwax“ on their next vinyl only release no. 06. i also mastered the record, so let me know if you would be interested in having me as your next mastering engineer.

my track “form futur” is part of institut für zukunft’s 5 I V E compilation:

listen to the preview of tau_01: